Planet 7 from Infovista

Infovista Planet 7
Infovista Planet 7

Planet 7 is the world’s first commercially available 5G-NR planning software solution

Allowing mobile operators and vendors to design and optimize the highest-performing networks. With Planet 7, they can reliably deliver the best subscriber performance, capacity and coverage, at the lowest cost.

Among other features, Planet 7 supports Massive MIMO for effective RF planning. Massive MIMO is the key technology that will deliver the spectral efficiency promised by 5G. Planet 7 is the only carrier-grade solution capable of modeling advanced antenna systems, leveraging its native 3D modeling support and ability to manage complex beamforming antenna arrays.

A wireless operator must evolve to offer advanced data services cost-effectively — and stay one step ahead of the competition. New technologies such as NR, LTE, HSPA and WiMAX present new opportunities, but their advanced features, their usage patterns and the need for a cleaner radio channel that can offer improved system capacity drive the requirement for innovative RF planning and optimization software.

Better network design practices are generating long-lasting benefits in terms of quality of service and network capacity. The planet is a wireless network planning and optimization software that offers the ability to design better networks through quality engineering solutions for the networks of today and tomorrow.

Planet 7 Faster 5G introduction

5G is going to increase network density, requiring you to improve the efficiency of your network design activities. Using Infovista’s 5G planning solution Planet 7 and its automation capabilities, such as the automated network design tool-set along with accurate mapping data, you can truly accelerate your rollout and improve your network design quality.

Better productivity

Planet server edition provides you with the ability to automate RF planning workflows and processes, such as the generation of coverage predictions, network analyses and more. The results can automatically be shared through databases and web services. This means you can display your entire network footprint in a web browser, simplifying and reducing the cost of producing coverage maps and network performance simulations, and ultimately increasing your engineering productivity.

Planet 7 Integrated Planning & Optimization

Planet’s technology directly integrates with VistaNEO and TEMS Portfolio to give you continuity in your analytics from RF planning to optimization. Which means we give you total visibility and control from planning to testing and optimization.

High quality network

The most accurate data on the most powerful visualization and modeling platforms with Planet and Geodata. These capabilities allow you to dramatically improve radio network design quality, roll out 5G networks that deliver the expected capacity to ultimately improve your customer experience.