TEMS™ Pocket 21.3

Infovista released the latest release of Tems Pocket with upgraded 5G features.

TEMS Pocket 21.x is available in different versions, Pocket Standard, Professional, Lite, and VeriSite.

This release makes it possible using 5G enabled devices to record and visualize 5G messages in TEMS Pocket. It is also possible to replay 5G logfiles in TEMS Pocket or TEMS Investigation 21.2 and later.

A new view showing 5G NR data has been added to TEMS Pocket. You can now evaluate RSRP, RSRQ, and SINR on the spot. This helps to make TEMS Pocket the perfect choice for the evaluation of mobile networks in indoor or pedestrian areas.

It important is to know that the 5G NR data view works only on Qualcomm based handsets.

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