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Keysight’s Nemo Outdoor 5G NR Drive Test Solution


Keysight released 5G NR support in their latest release of Nemo Outdoor. symbolic representation of Nemo Outdoor setup measurement of air interface parameters in 2G to 5G NR mobile networks Mobile network quality-of-experience (QoE) metrics for the services and applications your customers are actually usingSupports all stages of mobile network life cycle, …

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Nemo Intelligent Device Interface 5G NR Drive Test and Benchmarking Solution

Nemo Intelligent Device Interface

Key Features & Specifications Future-proof solution enabling CAPEX savings Nemo Intelligent Device Interface is Device control solution for 5G NR and LTE-A QoS and QoE drive test and benchmarking measurementsEasily expandable from a single handheld unit to a large-scale benchmarking systemFuture-proof solution with an easy upgrade path for new devicesProvides …

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Nemo Invex II video presentation

Nemo Invex II video

Mr. Shaun Desmond of Keysight Technologies presenting Nemo Invex II in video Absolutely best introduction on a new version of Nemo Invex done by Mr.Desmond. Truly an impressive video introduction of Nemo Invex II giving us an insight into capabilities of this Flagship Network Testing hardware.

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Nemo Invex II

Nemo Invex II Benchmarking Solution

Nemo Invex II from Keysight Technologies, Inc Nemo Invex II from Keysight Technologies, Inc. Nemo Invex II Benchmarking Solution Nemo Invex II Is a powerful and advanced benchmarking system for testing large wireless device configurations with high data rates LTE-A Cat 16 and beyond The system gives you a capability …

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