Tems Investigation 21.2.4 Network Test

Infovista released the latest version of Tems Investigation 21.2.4

Mobile operators rely crucially on their networks’ performance: for the pleasure of the customers and also for the revenue which fuels the business of theirs and future growth. Operators worldwide face the same obstacles.

The newest technologies must be implemented with no delay, customer need for new solutions is continuously growing, as well as market forces hold down membership rates. But despite these stresses, constant high-quality performance is essential for success.

A variety of programs and monitoring methods allow operators to calculate, assess, and enhance the overall performance of the networks of theirs. Geographically placed field measurements are crucial here because not one other category of metrics are able to match the precision of theirs in pinpointing the actual nature and location of problems.

For instance, while data sources like community counters do provide considerable info on effectiveness, drive testing delivers precise info on network failures before the entry and network launch of business traffic. Equally importantly, drive assessment evaluates network performance out of the end user’s perspective, giving you the info necessary to enhance customer satisfaction.


Tems Investigation 21.2.4 presents support for the Most interesting handsets that are yet to hit the market, namely Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra, Even though these handsets are still not commercially available all known Qualcomm based Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones can be used. Used in over 180 countries around the world, TEMS™ Investigation may be the industry-leading instrument for troubleshooting, verification, maintenance, and optimization of wireless networks.

Offering data collection, real-time analysis and post-processing all in a single, TEMS™ Investigation gets rid of the necessity for several tools, lowering costs as well as saving effort and time for operations staff.

Designed for in-vehicle, pedestrian-area, and in-building evaluating, TEMS™ Investigation’s versatile and powerful features are important throughout the network’s life cycle. Using TEMS™ Investigation, operators are able to improve accessibility, enhance retainability as well as heighten service performance

As soon as you manage to get any of these handsets you can connect them to the TEMS Investigation and use for testing. The capabilities of drive-test and troubleshooting tools can be applied to many activities that are required in the course of a network’s life cycle:

• Site verification and acceptance
• Optimization and maintenance
• Initial tuning (RF optimization)
• Troubleshooting
• Network acceptance
• Network verification
• Service quality monitoring
• Benchmarking

Surveys show that bad user experience is the primary reason why subscribers change service providers, and that very few users report their complaints to customer care. Consequently, it is essential to measure performance in a way that captures users’ perceptions, and continuous network monitoring to locate and eliminate problems at an early stage is necessary in order to maintain quality and grow the customer base.

These devices will be based on a Qualcomm SD865 chipset, using a
Qualcomm X55 5G modem can reach LTE Cat. 22/24 and connect to selected 5G networks.

This will make it one of, or maybe even the fastest and most powerful devices on the market.

However, To use the Samsung Galaxy S20 series with TEMS Investigation, a Specific Qualcomm license is required.

Also, support for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G SM-N976V

The Galaxy Note 10+ is an Android 9.0 smartphone based on a Qualcomm chipset aimed at the North American market.

The device is capable of measuring high-speed data throughput performance (up to 2 Gbit/s DL and 150
Mbit/s UL). The Galaxy S10 also supports Wi-Fi 6 which makes it possible to measure Wi-Fi data throughput up to 1.5 Gbit/s.