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Nemo Invex II video presentation

Nemo Invex II video

Mr. Shaun Desmond of Keysight Technologies presenting Nemo Invex II in video Absolutely best introduction on a new version of Nemo Invex done by Mr.Desmond. Truly an impressive video introduction of Nemo Invex II giving us an insight into capabilities of this Flagship Network Testing hardware.

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Nemo Invex II

Nemo Invex II Benchmarking Solution

Nemo Invex II from Keysight Technologies, Inc Nemo Invex II from Keysight Technologies, Inc. Nemo Invex II Benchmarking Solution Nemo Invex II Is a powerful and advanced benchmarking system for testing large wireless device configurations with high data rates LTE-A Cat 16 and beyond The system gives you a capability …

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Site Master™ Handheld Cable & Antenna Analyzer S331L

Site Master™ Handheld Cable & Antenna Analyzer S331L

The Site Master S331L is an all-inclusive 1-port cable and antenna analyzer covering the 2 MHz to 4 GHz range, with a built-in InstaCal™ module and a built-in power meter. Standard measurements include: Return LossVSWRCable LossSmith Chart (50/75 ohm selectable)1-port PhaseDistance-to-Fault Return LossDistance-to-Fault VSWRRF Power (50 MHz to 4 GHz)VIP …

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Planet 7 from Infovista

Infovista Planet 7

Infovista Planet 7 Planet 7 is the world’s first commercially available 5G-NR planning software solution Allowing mobile operators and vendors to design and optimize the highest-performing networks. With Planet 7, they can reliably deliver the best subscriber performance, capacity and coverage, at the lowest cost. Among other features, Planet 7 …

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FSR1 Scanner


NEMO FSR1 Nemo FSR1 is a revolutionary modular digital scanning receiver that provides accurate, reliable high-speed RF measurements of wireless networks across multiple bands and technologies. The industry’s first modular scanning receiver Nemo FSR1 A revolutionary solution that evolves as the wireless technology evolves. The FSR1 design separates the RF …

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Infovista TEMS Pocket 20.2 released

Sony Xperia XZ2

Some of New devices available Samsung Galaxy S9 SM-G960F The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the latest smartphone from Samsung, it is based on the Samsung Exynos 9810 chipset, runs Android 8, ready for VoLTE and VoWiFi and is capable of LTE Cat. 18* with data speeds up to 1200 Mbit/s. …

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Amdocs Actix Analyzer

Actix Analyzer Update_2018_12_December

In December 2018 release This release contains support for new and updated file formats. There are updates for most technologies that Analyzer supports, with changes falling under the following categories: • Technology improvements: o Added further map support for 5G NR_Cell definitions in cellrefs, in the map and common Site …

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Keysight Technologies 5G Field Measurement Solution

Keysight 5G

The Keysight complete measurement system for 5G radio propagation and coverage verification 5G field measurement solution from Keysight Technologies, Inc. provides a complete measurement system for sub 6 GHz and millimeter wave (mm-wave) frequency spectrum. The solution includes all the necessary software and hardware to collect, post-process, analyze, and visualize …

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Pctel 5G Scanners

Pctel 5G scanners, Pctel, Pctel Scanner, Ibflex, Exflex

Drive testing solution for measurement of air interface parameters in 2G to 5G NR mobile networks Mobile network quality-of-experience (QoE) metrics for the services and applications your customers are actually usingSupports all stages of mobile network lifecycle, network rollout, optimization and network benchmarking, network monitoring and control, network data post-processing and analyticsExtremely …

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