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Nemo Invex II

Nemo Invex II from Keysight Technologies, Inc

Nemo Invex II from Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Nemo Invex II Benchmarking Solution
Nemo Invex II Benchmarking Solution

Nemo Invex II Is a powerful and advanced benchmarking system for testing large wireless device configurations with high data rates LTE-A Cat 16 and beyond

The system gives you a capability to do the testing with up to 50 compatible devices and with up to three scanners at the same time with diminished power consumption per device, enabling operators, network vendors, regulators, and contractors the option to benchmark voice and data services on all available wireless technologies in one single drive.

The enhanced capacity of Nemo Invex II offers support for the largest number of test devices in the world. Power efficiency has not been overlooked: the power usage per UIC has been cut in half thanks to the innovative design.

The system has improved UPS functions including backup for scanners as well as built-in monitoring for power, temperature, and current maintaining the measurement system at optimal temperature. Furthermore, USB charging 1.2 compliant ports enable the charging of the measurement devices in long measurement sessions. Native SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports support LTE-A Cat 16 test devices and beyond.

The compact, standard chassis allows free mix and match modularity between the chassis via the advanced Invex Chassis NET communication interface. Compared to current commercial benchmarking systems, the need for manual cabling has been reduced dramatically. The system is designed for easy installation and usage in cars with wireless connectivity to the control PC, built-in ambient lights and keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) for improved usability – even in environments with low, ambient lighting.

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