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FSR1 Scanner


Nemo FSR1 is a revolutionary modular digital scanning receiver that provides accurate, reliable high-speed RF measurements of wireless networks across multiple bands and technologies.

The industry’s first modular scanning receiver Nemo FSR1

A revolutionary solution that evolves as the wireless technology evolves.
The FSR1 design separates the RF from the signal processing by utilizing field-replaceable RF down converters. When a new band or band combination on is needed, simply install a second down converter. When it’s time for calibration on, use a spare down converter and keep your scanner in service with downtime.

When a new technology is adopted, the FSR1 scanner is ready with a simple flash to add support for that technology. Simply the most cost-effective scanning solution on you can buy.

The FSR1 Features two plug-in modular RF down
converters available in many frequency
band configurations.
• Support for up to eight bands in a single
• Supports LTE, WCDMA, HSDPA, GSM,
• Field upgradeable design enables the
easy adding of additional bands and
• Compact size and low power consumption
(50W maximum).
• Scanning modes:
◦ Band scan
◦ Spectrum and narrowband RSSI
◦ Simultaneous RSSI and pilot scanning
◦ GSM co-channel
◦ Pilot scanning

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