Amdocs Actix Analyzer

In December 2018 release

This release contains support for new and updated file formats. There are updates for most technologies that Analyzer supports, with changes falling under the following categories:
• Technology improvements:
o Added further map support for 5G NR_Cell definitions in cellrefs, in the map and common Site Data Node attributes.
o NB-IoT support added in Spotlight.
• New collections of devices and improvements:
o Support for PING RTT and CA-Active detection added to AzenQos AZL.
o RTP Jitter KPI improvements for AzenQos AZM.
o Stability improvements for TEMS Investigation / Pocket file support.
o Further eMTC KPIs for Qualcomm chipsets.
o Improvements to R&S ROMES4 Carrier Aggregation support.
o Improvements to R&S QualiPoc 18.1 TSME scanner support.
o Support for Band 66 carriers in 3GPP signaling.
• Application layer improvements:
o Improved Message() function expression syntax.
o Extended Spotlight reporting to include up to 5 Carrier Components during aggregation mode.
• Platform improvements:
o Extended the map to include binned range filtering

Technology Improvements
5G-NR support
• Support added for 3GPP 15.3 RRC layer.
• Support added for default coloring of 5G NR_Cell icons in the map.
• Support added for pre-defined list of attributes for labeling / coloring lines to 5G NR_Cell icons in the map.

Actix Analyzer

Spotlight NB-IoT Support

• New LTE NB Project Template, with KPI analysis and connection drill down capability. For more details, please see the Spotlight section below:


Many more features added!

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